The defendant is a man who served as vice president of a Club in Argentina and sexually abused a little boy of six years. According to the judges, the boy “was accustomed to being abused.”

Justice abuser was sentenced to only six years in prison.

The Buenos Aires Criminal Court of Appeals reduced the sentence to a man convicted of a proven sexual abuse of a child of six years, arguing the alleged sexual orientation of the victim.

The ruling was criticized by the Argentinas Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans (FALGBT), which expressed “amazement” by the resolution. For Justice, the accused sexually a man who was vice president of a Club, abused a child of six on March 6, 2010 in the city of Buenos Aires, Vicente Lopez.

That day, this guy went on to search for the child to take a train, and once in the field he takes the child to a bathroom and there subjected him sexually. Upon returning home the child he tells his grandmother what happened. Grandma checks injuries and makes a complaint. When the trial begins, Justice sentenced to six years for “sexual abuse with sexual intercourse” but the Court of Appeals reduced his sentence to three years and two months.

In a ruling recently issued, the judges Horacio Piombo and Ramon Sal Llargués felt that the sentence should be reduced arguing that the child victim of abuse, had “a homosexual sexual orientation and was used to this kind of abuse”. “He is gay, he has defined his sexuality. The abuse happened but it was not so outrageous.”

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